The light calls

The brilliant orb floating high above called to her. Its voice was sweet, full of promise and persistent. The girl stretched her arms toward the pulsing circle of light. But no matter how she strained, she couldn’t reach it. Something dragged against her arms, weighing her down, slowing her progress.

Her golden hair drifted and floated around her. The strands shimmered like precious metal under the refracted light of the orb. The glistening locks reminded the girl of something, but she couldn’t quite remember what.

Blackness slowly wrapped long, slender fingers around her vision, pulling the edges of the world in toward the orb. The light fought the darkness, pushing back against the encroachment, pulsing steadily, a valiant effort. But with each throb, the darkness gained another inch, another finger.

The song of the orb pulled at the girl. She longed to run to it, to wrap herself in its warmth, but the invisible bonds held her, pulling her farther and farther away. She couldn’t remember what had seemed so important before. Something about her hair, wasn’t it?

Giving up on the thought, the girl settled for watching the orb, sure it had a message for her, if only she could decode the pulses. If only the darkness would retreat for a moment, just a breath.

Breath. If only… But the fingers of darkness crushed the orb with one final surge, and the dying girl sank to the muddy floor of the abandoned mill pond.


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