Rave on


The call cut across the noise and frenzy of the rave. Everyone froze, afraid they’d been busted. Not even a breath escaped from those waiting for the all clear.

Minutes passed, strained and electric. Then came the call they’d all been waiting for, “Yiiii-eeeee!”

Multitudes of hot bodies burst into action, dancing and jumping in a mania barely guided by the raucous music blaring from the speakers strategically placed around the area. Neon lights flashed and blinked in an alternating rhythm, stirring the dancers to greater and more inventive feats of acrobatics.

Someone in the crowd started passing out food, although no one could say for sure where it came from. It didn’t matter too much to the party-goers. They were too hungry and rave-high to care. More than food circulated, then, and still no one cared where it came from or what it might do to their bodies. Tonight was a night for fun, not excuses like healthy living. Or even sanity.

Again came the warning call, “Shhhhhhh!”

This time, the call brought a few of the ravers out of their delirium, forcing their brains to notice the lateness of the hour.

“Psst, it’s nearly dawn.” The information passed from one to another like an avalanche, starting slowly but gaining momentum with each second. “Time to go.”

The dancers tensed, waiting for the all-clear. No sense in risking themselves in leaving before it was safe to do so.

The sentry waited, watching, counting the seconds until the woman who slept above returned. Once in bed, she wouldn’t get up again until well after daylight, leaving plenty of time for the ravers to make it to their homes in the walls.


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