The doorman

“Good evening, sir,” the doorman said to the entering patron. “I hope you enjoy your stay.”

The behemoth held open the heavy door for the diminutive man in an expensive suit. “There will be a guide waiting on the other side, on the left.” The giant tipped his uniform’s hat at the small man.

“Madam.” The next patron was a woman, impeccably dressed like most of the people entering his protected domain. “To the right is your guide, ma’am. Enjoy your time with us.”

“Maurice!” The shout echoed across the area, causing everyone in line to jump and look guiltily around for the one called. “Maurice! I desire to speak with you, beast.”

The voice calling for the doorman was deep and commanding, rich with barely constrained mirth.

The hulking doorman handed off his duties to his waiting second. “Be polite, Japeth. We don’t need another incident.”

With that, Maurice trotted off, heeding the beckoning call of his boss.

“Maurice, my man,” the boss greeted his underling. “I have an important personage coming in tonight. I’m going to need you to man the private door. Leave Japeth on the front.”

“Sure thing, boss.” Maurice liked the private entrance better, anyway. He wished the boss would use it more, but the boss’ private, on-the-side business wasn’t doing so great.

“I’ll head down there, now. Do I need to be on the lookout?”

“Just extra nice, Maurice. This one did me some great favors up there,” Satan replied to his doorman’s question. “Oh, and make sure he takes off the necklace, first.”


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