Her favorite

“Finally, I found you! I will defeat you.”

“Huh? What are you talking about, dude?” The confused engineer said to the oddly dressed man who had just popped up beside him.

“I know who you are, you can’t fool me with your everyday-man disguise,” the villain cried. “I worked it out, from the clues you’ve left over the years.”

The engineer stood up from his desk. “Look, man, I got no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just a computer engineer. I work on computers. That’s it. No disguise, no clues.”

The villain dismissed the other man’s words with a wave of his hand. He looked around the small office, searching for bystanders. There were none. It was a single person office, sparsely furnished and cluttered with paperwork.

“There’s no one here to playact for, hero! Come, fight me!”

“I’m going to call security. I have no idea how you got to the fifteenth floor without being stopped in that getup, but you’re definitely going to have an escort out.”

The villain looked down at his clothes. They seemed alright to him. Black spandex leggings with red concentric circles spread across the thighs; a red spandex long sleeved shirt with black concentric circles throughout; knee high black leather boots; a thin, multi-pocketed belt of red nylon;  and black leather, fingerless gloves. He couldn’t see his mask, but he knew he had it on. Half black, half red, circles in circles around his eyes.

“Ahh, you think to confuse me with jokes about my villain attire? It will get you nowhere! I will defeat you, once and for all!”

The oddly dressed man pulled a short, stub-nosed gun from a pocket in his belt, aiming it at the engineer who had just picked up his office phone.

“What’s that? Never seen anything like it,” the engineer said.

“Freeze ray,” the villain said proudly. “Watch how it works!” He shot his freeze ray gun at the other man’s legs, which were immediately encased in ice.

“You see, it doesn’t exactly freeze you. It freezes the air around you, encasing you alive in ice. Until, of course, you get hypothermia…”

The frozen man struggled to free himself, scared now and even more confused.

“Why are you freezing me? What did I do to you? At least, tell me that,” he begged the smug villain.

“Oh, you know why. But I will tell you a secret. I didn’t figure you out alone. Your daughter told me, although she didn’t know she did. I was in my everyday-man disguise at the dentist, when she told me you were the best superhero ever, her ‘favorite, favorite, favorite‘ I believe she said.”


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