Trevor, the lazy boyfriend

Sam didn’t like his daughter’s new boyfriend, Trevor. Trevor seemed totally wrong for the young Melanie. Trevor was jobless, uneducated, and downright lazy. He made up lame excuses for missing some dates with Melanie and the dates he did manage to take her on were short, typical and uninspired.

Sam thought his baby girl deserved better. Sam, himself, had used all the creativity in him to court and woo Melanie’s mother. For years, Sam had kept up the courting, even after Melanie and her two older brothers had come along. In Sam’s mind, a courtship never really ended. Which is a big reason he strongly disliked Trevor.

Melanie was a bright girl, working hard at both school and an ongoing job. She was also beautiful. She took after her mother in that respect. Melanie could have her choice of any of the eligible boys in town, but she chose Trevor. She forgave him the missed dates and the excuses.

His girl always insisted that there was more to Trevor than Sam knew. But Sam had seen that type of guy before and had always warned Melanie about them. Usually, his daughter was much more heedful of his advice. But there was something about this one boy that Melanie just couldn’t resist.

Melanie kept promising Sam that one day, he’d see just how wonderful and amazing her boyfriend was, but Sam didn’t believe that would happen. There just couldn’t be anything at all about him that was any kind of good. He wanted his daughter to be happy, though, so he didn’t push too much. High school relationships didn’t last, anyway.

Sam and Melanie visited Melanie’s mother every other Saturday, taking flowers and little trinkets to place on her grave. One Saturday, Melanie invited Trevor. She told Sam that she had invited Trevor to meet her mother one Saturday, early on in their relationship.

Sam groaned. His darling baby was making a mistake in being with Trevor at all, but involving him in the deepest, most intimate parts of her life was the worst mistake of all.

Melanie insisted that Trevor had shown a side of himself that made her love him all the more when he had joined her that first time in the cemetery.

Trevor was late, which Sam expected. What Sam didn’t expect was the respect Trevor showed to both Sam and Sam’s beloved.

He also didn’t expect his darling wife’s voice to greet him as Trevor walked to the granite headstone.

It took all the strength of will that Trevor had in him to keep the connection with the other side open when Sam fainted.


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