Marie greeted each person who boarded the plane in Denver for the quick hop to Seattle. It was mid-week, so not many people were traveling, which suited the tired flight attendant just fine.

The few people who boarded and took seats were businessmen and -women, which was fairly normal for this time of year. Which was just fine with Marie. Having only 63 people on the flight meant more time for her to rest. This was her last trip before her two-week vacation.

The flight was fairly easy and uneventful for the most part. Not many of the passengers needed her attention and the drink service was quick. The only unnerving part was unexpected turbulence about fifteen minutes before they landed. Even that wasn’t too bad. Just unexpected.

Marie thanked and waved good-bye to each of her disembarking passengers. Absently, she counted, making sure none of the 63 men or women had fallen asleep and forgotten to leave.

Number 63, a portly gentleman, nodded and smiled at Marie. He thanked her for her service on the flight and told her farewell.

The small boy, passenger 64, who followed the overweight man startled Marie. Especially the sharp, pointed teeth he showed with his mischievous and his orange, glowing eyes.


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