Term papers are hard enough

Missy was writing her term paper when it happened. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the shadow pass across the bathroom door.

It was unusual in a couple of respects. One, it was almost solid, not a transparent shadow like shadows should be. It also moved across the lighted area opposite the way the other shadows in the area leaned.

Then, of course, the moving door caught her eye. Shadows don’t usually move doors. Not true shadows, anyway.

Not another one, Missy thought to herself. I thought I’d gotten them all.

“Shadow, shadow, go away,

the demon can’t come out to play. 

Shadow, shadow, melt away,

it’s still the light of day.

Shadow man, take leave,

or receive no reprieve.”

The shadow screeched in agony as its body dissolved, sinking into the ground in a stinking cloud of sulphur.

Missy grinned, glad to be rid of her father’s spies once and for all.




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