Adventures to last a lifetime

She held tightly to her love in her sleep. His solid presence comforted her. They had been bound together in love for more than twenty years. They did everything together, from work to play.

They especially loved to adventure together, she and her love. In their lifetime together, they’d gone deep sea fishing, cave diving, rock climbing, touring Africa, river sailing in Asia, archaeological digs in the Middle East, and so much more.

When her love had brought her the advertisement for this latest adventure, his face shining with excitement, she had, of course, agreed eagerly to try it, too. This adventure was more advanced than their usual. It came with an application process, much like their African and Middle Eastern adventures, but it was much more involved than either.

The vetting and enquiring took nearly a year. But, finally, just two weeks ago, she and her love had gotten the call. They were chosen.

The adventure started as so many did, at the jumpstation. But this time, instead of clambering aboard the low-orbit jumpship, they’d been escorted to the new lunar shuttle. The crew loaded the couple’s bags quickly and efficiently, then the attendant helped them buckle up for the short trip up to the lunar station.

Their adventure took a bad turn, though, when they got lost the fourth night of their weeklong trip. Her love told her not to worry, they were in the designated area still, and when they didn’t check in that night, someone would come looking.

But no one came looking. Her love told her that moving was a bad idea. It would only make them more lost. So they’d pitched a camp, holding onto hope that someone would realize they were missing and send a search party.

On the third night of camp, the one that was supposed to be the end of their trip, her love stopped telling her to have patience. He stopped telling her anything.

The night the search party finally found them, she was clutching tightly to her love, a smile of contentment stretched across her face. Outside the flimsy nylon-steel hybrid tent the frozen wind howled furiously, whipping a lunar snow into a frenzy inside the newly domed wilderness.


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