Too bad

“They’re calling, again, Mom!”

Arya’s voice cut through the music from the kitchen radio. Mel sighed. She dried her hands on a nearby towel before heading into the living room.

“Thanks, Arya,” she smiled at her young daughter. Mel took the phone from Arya, “Hello?”

Silence met and enveloped Mel’s greeting. Then she heard two quick clicks. She looked questioningly at her child. The line went dead.

“Same as always?” Arya’s sweet voice asked.

“Yes, just the same,” her mother agreed.

Arya shrugged and turned back to her homework. Mel watched her daughter work a few math problems then went back into the kitchen to finish washing the dishes.

Twenty minutes passed in comfortable silence, then the phone rang once again. Mel looked to her daughter, who shrugged, “It’s the same number on the caller ID.”

“Well, don’t answer it this time,” Mel said.

Arya nodded and went back to her homework. Mel finished up the dishes and joined her daughter in the living room. Another twenty minutes passed, another phone call from the mysterious number.

Neither one of them answered the phone. Twenty minutes later, a heavy boot kicked down the door. Black-clothed figures swarmed the house, clearing each room as they went.

In the living room, sitting on the sofa, slumped over, they found Mel and Arya.

“Maybe we should’ve warned them, instead of just making silent calls,” one of the black figures suggested to another.

“Maybe. But this is how the experiment is designed,” the other man replied.

“Too bad.”


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