He’s only an associate

“Hey, Joe,” Michael said to his friend in the adjacent seat, “she’s sending them to me, again.”

Joe looked confused for a split second, then he smiled widely. “Your wife? Dude, she still doesn’t know?”

Michael laughed, “No way. If your wife thought you were a lowly associate engineer, would you tell her you’re actually an FBI hacker?”

“Well, actually, I probably would. Just because that way she’d only spend the money of an associate engineer,” Joe replied.

Michael chuckled at that. “My wife doesn’t spend all that much, so there’s no worry there.”

“So why not tell her? The agency doesn’t much care if you do. It’s not like you’re an actual agent or anything. Just a contract hacker.”

The supposed associate engineer shrugged. “I don’t know, man. I think it’s probably because she’d be super proud of me and want to tell the whole world about it.”

Joe looked up from his computer to see tears standing in his friend’s eyes.

Michael continued, “Then she’d decide I’m happy in my job and stop sending me job links.”

Again, Joe looked confused. “Wouldn’t that be a good thing? I mean, if she knows you’re here to stay and she’s proud of you?”

“Sure. But then she’d have nothing better to do than play video games. Her gamerscore is already almost as high as mine!”


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