We’ll go down in history

“You know, George, that cave-in was actually a blessing in disguise. Without it, we never would have found this system of catacombs. I think with just a few more days exploring, we shall most likely find some sort of chapel or temple.”

Bertram nodded into George’s silence, taking it for grudging agreement. He went on, “Yes, that cave collapse was fortunate for us. We’ll go down in history! Just think, our names on a wholly new archaeological discovery.”

Setting aside his slice of roasted meat, Bertram sighed, “It’s only too bad that poor Tobias won’t see his name join ours. I can’t believe we lost him. Well, I suppose we could add his name, as a third discoverer. We will have to explain, however, that he didn’t join us to the end.”

George, again, made no sound of either agreement or disagreement. He simply reclined on the rock wall behind him.

The sounds of large machinery echoed through the cavern, causing Bertram to snatch up his hard-earned dinner. The rumbles of approaching machines vibrated through the men, causing George to slide down the wall.

“Oh, dear. George, I don’t believe I have time to sit you up again. Rescue is imminent.”

George, of course, made no sounds and no movements. His body crumpled limply next to the cut-up remains of poor Tobias.

“Yes,” Bertram mused, “I will make it to the history books…”


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