The screaming stopped a couple of hours ago. It was the last sound to go. I don’t know what the first to go was. Probably the muted buzz of electricity. Then the regular traffic sounds of the city stopped.

The animal sounds took a while. But animals don’t know when to stop, especially when they’re happy or scared. I’m pretty sure they were terrified.

I haven’t seen anyone else. Not since I went to bed last night. Whatever it was that started this happened about midnight. I think. That’s when I woke up, anyway. The missing city noises woke me. I can’t sleep without that racket.

My next door neighbor has a couple of cats. They whined and hissed most of the night, which is very unusual for them; they’re good cats. But I haven’t heard him, their owner, at all.

All my doors are locked. The front door’s bolted twice, chained, thumb-locked and barred. My bedroom door is thumb- and latch-locked. My bathroom, where I am now, only has the thumb-lock. The window has latches and bars, but it’s still a window.

I can’t see much through the blinds. Only the eye-stalk that just peeked around the corner…


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