Social networking?

She stared at the posting on the screen. Disbelief and anger warred on her delicate face.

“Seriously? Has everyone gone stupid all of a sudden, or am I just oversensitive,” she asked herself aloud.

The ad continued to mock her on her glowing laptop screen.

****For sell: 225 CDs of music, from country to rap to rock, $2 each or I’ll make a deal for $500 for all of them, pick up only****

“For the love of…a deal? How is paying over two dollars each for all of them a deal?”

Stifling her anger, she continued surfing the page, looking for nothing in particular, when her eyes stopped on yet another advertisement.

****Sale: Xbox 360, used but in good shape, white, one controller, Mass Effect 2 and Army of Two, $200****

She sighed. Hopefully no one fell for that one. Cheap games, used Xbox, altogether not worth nearly what the seller asked.

She kept skimming, finding ad after ad with ridiculous amounts of money listed as prices. Everything from 250cc motorcycles that didn’t run for over two grand to console TVs that had any kind of price.

Nothing worth looking at, everything to be irritated about, until finally, she closed Facebook.



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