Is there anybody there?

Ring! Riiiing! RIIIIIIIIING!

The phone broke through the music blaring in Miri’s ears. She wrenched her headphones from her head, irritated at the interruption. Composing was important to her.

Ring! Riiiing!

The phone persisted.

Miri pushed herself from her desk chair, intent on giving someone a piece of her mind. All of her family was gone, with orders to avoid calling her. They were to text in an emergency since those popped up directly on her computer screen.

But before Miri could reach the phone, the call was answered.

“Hello? No, she’s busy… No, she can’t b…”

The voice that answered Miri’s phone disappeared when Miri rounded the corner of the living room.

Miri walked over to the phone and lifted the receiver to her ear.

“Hello?” She listened to the person on the other end with a distracted air. “No, I’m not buying anything. Ummm. Did the person who answered say who they were?”

Her answer was a laugh then a click.

Miri looked around for her mysterious phone-answerer. But she saw no one. Twenty minutes later, her family returned home, bringing dinner with them.


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