Is this right?

“I’m not sure if we’re doing this right, Bub. Are you sure a pentagram is right?”

The sharply dressed man shrugged at his questioning colleague. He didn’t know if they were performing the ritual right, either, but this way seemed as good as any.

“I’m guessing here, Don, same as you. I’ve never done this before, either. Unless you think we should be using a rainbow or something?”

Don chuckled. “How does anyone figure this stuff out? I mean, I know it’s been done for millennia, but who figured it out first? And why hasn’t it been written down?”

“I’m sure somewhere it has been,” Bub said, “but probably up there, not down here.”

“Well, if we figure it out, Bub, let’s at least try to write it down, so it’s preserved for the future.”

The neatly dressed figure nodded while walking around the chalked pentagram, “Sure thing, but what makes you think anyone else is going to want to summon a human?”


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