House of my dreams

May 17:
We finally got moved. The new house is beautiful. And huge. I’m not sure we need all the space, but David says we couldn’t beat the price and we’ll figure out a way to fill it up. I think he wants a few kids. Either that, or he plans to adopt out the local shelter.

The neighbors on the west side are friends of David’s. They found their house not much earlier than we did. I’m glad that David and Blake got transferred together. Geena is a lot of fun, even if she does ask about us having kids every time I see her.

The eastern side neighbors are strange. I met the woman yesterday. She stared at us while we moved boxes in and out. She let out a squelched screech when she saw the lawnmower. I don’t know why unless she thinks I’m going to tackle her overgrown forest.

The previous owners of our new house kept the garden and lawn up very well, so I don’t think we’ll have any trouble keeping it nice. It is going to need a cutting, though, so I’m going to go make sure the mower is in prime condition tomorrow.

May 18:
Well, that was weird. I had the mower out, checking the oil and blades, making sure nothing got messed up in the move when the odd lady from next door strolled up the drive. I thought maybe she was finally going to say something to me, but she just stared for a while then left without saying anything.

I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to mow. She freaked me out some. David will be home tomorrow and I’ll feel better having him here when I mow.

May 19:
David says to ignore the neighbor. He says she’s nuts. I agree. She’s totally bonkers. But she made me feel really weird. She said something strange, too, when I pulled the mower out of the garage.

“Don’t hurt it!”

Don’t hurt what? The grass? It’s meant to be cut. If it isn’t, my yard will end up looking like hers. I suppose she’s just lazy and doesn’t want to mow. If I don’t mow, I suppose she figures the city will just let her overgrowth slide.

But I like a neat yard. I’m just waiting now for her to leave so I can mow without her interference.

May 20:
She’s gone. She left this morning, very early. I was already up, waiting for a chance to get outside. I got the mower and nearly ran around the yard, cutting as fast as I could. The air smelled so deliciously sweet, that fresh-cut-grass smell that just screams summer.

Uh-oh. I see her pulling into her driveway. I hope she doesn’t say anything about my yard.

May 21:
She told me again not to hurt the grass. But, this time, there was more.

“Don’t hurt it. You’re supposed to be its caretaker. Don’t cut it, don’t make it scream. They’ll come for you.”

I don’t know who ‘they’ is, but why would anyone not want me to mow the yard. And scream? The grass? Unbelievable.

June 2:
She was gone again today, so I mowed. The grass grows so much faster here than where we used to live.

I saw more rabbits than usual around the yard today. I think there was also a deer in the backyard early this morning. Birds sang and fluttered around while I mowed. It’s so peaceful here.

June 4:
I’m afraid to go outside. The birds that sang so sweetly just a few days ago are more aggressive now. They’re flying themselves into the windows. I can’t even get outside to clean off the blood smears. Their dying screeches are harsh, not musical. I almost feel I’m in the middle of a Hitchcock movie.

Two very large deer are sitting on the lawn, one in the back, one in the front. They seem to be watching the house.

The rabbits are hopping around the yard, from the neighbor’s overgrown lawn to my cut one. They’re angry hopping.

June 6:
David can’t go to work anymore. His boss has called six times already, but the animals won’t let us leave.

I tried signaling to the next door neighbor, but she just stares at me and shakes her head before going back into her house.

I asked David what happened to the former owners, but he said he didn’t know. I think he was lying. I asked him how we got such a big house so cheap, too, but I think he lied about that, too.

June 10:
The big window in the living room exploded a few minutes ago. I hear little footsteps inside now. Birds are flying around upstairs. Those windows broke last night.

I don’t think anyone will be coming. No one believes we’re trapped by woodland creatures. Especially David’s boss. He got fired yesterday.

I wish we’d never moved here. Or I hadn’t mown the lawn.


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