Sound in the silence

I don’t remember when the buzzing started. It seems like it’s always been there. Low and constant. Never changing.

I’ve asked others about it; whether they’ve heard it, if they know what it is, or where it comes from. Most everyone agrees it’s there and it’s always been there. But no one knows what it is, exactly, or where it comes from.

Now that I think about it, even the old folks hear it, no matter how poor the hearing. I wonder if a deaf person would hear it? I don’t know anyone who can’t hear, so I have no one to ask. But if they could, would that still make it a sound? Or would it be a feeling?

Too many questions with no answers.

Behind every thought, every sound, the buzzing continues. I tried going camping once, way out in the middle of nowhere, beyond all civilized boundaries, trying to find a place without the buzzing. But it was still there. I thought for sure it was something to do with the electricity we all use every day. But out in the boonies, no lights, no cars, nothing with any kind of electric power, the buzz persisted, playing on my eardrums and echoing in my brain.

It’s so common, no one questions it. The people I asked, they all had to stop and think about it. Listen for it, even. So that makes me question if they really hear it or if they were all just influenced by my inquiring about it.

I never wanted to be a philosopher, but it seems that’s what I am now. Questioning everything. I don’t remember when that started, either. Maybe once I grew up and recognized the sound in my silence

Or maybe it was always there, just like the buzzing.



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