My sleep was disturbed by the deep rumbling coming from my husband. The cat-like purr vibrated right through me. I turned over, never fully waking, a smile on my face, giddy with his obvious contentment.

I caressed his arm. I kissed him lightly on the shoulder. I snuggled myself closer, letting the purr vibrate me back to sleep. My arm slipped across his back.

He murmured my name. My heart swelled. I let my tired limb slowly run down his spine, eliciting a deeper, louder rumble of pleasure from my beloved.

My fingers fell numb at the touch of the freezing, bony fingers trembling in the small of my husband’s back. I tried to snatch my hand back. My eyes flew wide, but darkness was all I encountered.

A whisper of heavy fabric and the musty smell of ancient flesh tickled my other senses. Hesitantly, I reached for my still-sleeping mate. His rumbling changed. Snores, instead of contented purrs, sounded in my ears. HeĀ rolled over, flopping a heavy arm across my body.

I laid awake, listening for more rustling material. But nothing disturbed my wakeful waiting. Not until the orange glow heralded the safety of sunrise.


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