The club

“So, Linda, what is it you look for?”

All the ladies in the room turned to look at the newcomer. She was a friend of someone’s, but no one present knew exactly which woman had invited her. The de facto leader of the coffee catch, Delores, stared at the newest member intently, waiting for a response to her question.

“Umm, well, eyes, I guess,” Linda replied, her voice quiet. “There’s just something about bright, colorful eyes that I can’t resist.”

“Eyes?” Delores snorted. “Any particular color? Or is it just any color? Do you even know?”

Linda hesitated, thinking over her answer. She hadn’t expected questions so soon. She had just assumed her first time in the group would be an easing in, an adjustment period of sorts. Finally, unable to handle the questioning stares of the six other women, she whispered, “Blue. I like blue eyes.”

A petite blonde on the flowered sofa giggled. “Hi, Linda, I’m Sherri. Don’t be scared of ol’ Delores. She’s alright, for an old timer.” She winked at Linda when Delores whipped around to glare at the remark.

Another woman, this one a large brunette, grinned over at Linda. She, too, spoke kindly to the newcomer, “So, blue eyes? Personally, I like butts. Nice round, firm bottoms really get me. Especially if they’re covered in tight-fittin’ jeans. Mmm-hmmm.”

Linda smiled at the woman. “I never really pay attention to derrieres, not until after, anyway. But blue eyes…especially those clear, cold, baby-blue colored ones.” She paused for a moment, smiled sadly, then continued, “They remind me of my daddy’s.”

“Oh, daddy’s girl, is it?” The question was fired from a tall, lanky redhead sitting on a barstool at the kitchen counter.

Linda nodded. “He was the first. It seems like forever ago now, but I guess it was really only a few years.”

Delores tutted then asked quietly, “Do you keep them? The eyes?”

“I do, now. But I didn’t keep daddy’s. Thinking back, I probably should have. So I can compare, you know? Every time I think I’ve found a match, I go second-guessing myself.”

Delores smiled, “Dear, we all know exactly what you mean. None of us ever expects to become serial and, at first, trophies just seem nonsensical. Usually, it takes at least two before we start collecting.”

The heavy-duty woman turned her attention to the group as a whole. “Let’s her it, girls, who was your first kill and did you take a trophy then or later? Who was the first trophy?”


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