The game

She was setup poorly. By a newb in a booze-fueled haze who had no idea what the game was, how to play, or what it all meant.

Her intelligence and wisdom scores, while not the highest, were well above the average. Her strength and constitution were both marginally better than the average, as well, until the curse took hold, at least. Alas, her dexterity was exactly average, no better, no worse. That, too, suffered quite a hit from the monstrous curse.

But her charisma, that, my friends, tanked. While not the lowest of the low, the score was definitely below average. But the newbie knew no better. It was simply a guess, a play-it-by-ear scenario, with no clear picture of how progression would work.

Then, the proclamation came from the game master, himself. A new, once-in-a-lifetime stat would be added for this game and this game only.


Yes, luck, the game master intoned, would play a very important role. But there were conditions, of course. So powerful, so usable, a stat, would, of necessity, have very stringent guidelines.

Luck, you see, will be a sub-set of charisma. It’s based on the charisma score and can never be higher than charisma. It can be used, in increments, or as one grand, sweeping roll of the dice. Luck will regenerate, but slowly. Oh, so very slowly. Over the course of months. Or years. Depending, the game master said, on exactly how you use it. And, he warned, luck could be wonderful, beautiful, delightful luck, or it could be devastating, horrendous, baffling luck. It all depended, he reminded, on the throw of the dice.

The newbie shrugged, not knowing how mighty a weapon luck could be. But along the way, lessons were learned. The luck was used, albeit stingily. The newb, hoping to become seasoned and admired, saved the luck, searching for the grand roll. Every small throw brought a meager lucky chance. But it cost far more than it was worth, it seemed. So the newbie saved and scrimped, searching for the prime time to gamble.

The time came, a life-changing event at hand, and the newb who hadn’t learned, gambled all the luck on one toss of the dice. It was, at first blush, one of the wonderful, beautiful, delightful lucks. Until the game master chuckled and pointed to the master score.

Tanked charisma, master of luck, threw the newb for a spin. It was, all in all, good luck, as far as an eight, overall, could be called “good.”



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