The closet

“Everywhere I look,” Brielle said to Mason, “there are eyes. They follow me, they watch me. I don’t know what to do.”

Mason looked at Brielle, checking to see if his friend was just pulling his leg. But Brielle didn’t seem to be joking. She looked totally freaked out.

“Okay, eyes? I don’t see anything here. Are you sure there are eyes here?”

Brielle searched the small bedroom. She nodded, pointing toward her friend’s slightly open closet door, “In there.”

Mason turned around to look where she pointed. He didn’t see anything. He opened his mouth to say as much to Brielle, but he stopped, thinking it better to humor her for the moment.

Instead, he got up and walked to his dark closet, throwing open the door to his crowded closet to show Brielle that there was nothing inside but clothes and sports equipment.

“Look, Brie,” he started, “there’s nothing i….”

Brielle screamed as the boy she trusted most in the world was jerked into the interior of his closet. The door violently slammed shut, cutting off his cries of terror. She jumped from the bed, rushing for the bedroom door.

But the handle wouldn’t turn. The frightened girl was trapped in the small room. She collapsed on the floor, sobbing with great heaving cries. She had no voice left to scream when the closet door opened once again, the beast drawing her toward the opening with its hypnotizing, swirling eyes.



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