A day in the game

The sphere, clenched tight in her fist, hummed with pent-up power. The soft, pale blue light cast by the sphere pulsed in rhythm with her steady heartbeat. She waited, body tense, watching for the creature to emerge from behind the dripping palm fronds.

The small blue and green froggish-looking thing scuttled from beneath the vegetation, its long tongue flapping from its wide mouth. Thin vine-like appendages whipped from its back, pulling up leaves, flipping rotting wood aside, as the beast scoured for its midday meal.

The girl, slender and long-legged, no more than fourteen years old, caught her breath. She was ready but still she was nervous. She turned her hand over, palm up, and looked at the red and white ball in her hand. She leaned close, her voice a breathy whisper, “Are you ready?”

The ball seemed to jump in her hand, the power increasing, and the blue light flashed quickly. Her pulse leaped in time with the blinking blue nimbus. Quickly, before the green and blue creature before her could escape, the girl dropped the sphere onto the ground.

“Beautifly!” The girl’s voice, sudden in the still air, startled the vine-wielding beast. Its vines whipped about in a frenzy. Its tongue darted in and out of its wide mouth, showing small, razor sharp pointed teeth.

The girl’s red and white ball popped open with a suction sound and out flew a winged creature, bigger than the girl’s wide-spread hand. Its wings were brightly colored. They flapped furiously, propelling the beautiful creature upward, where the beast hovered, inches from the girl’s curly head.

The butterfly type creature moved forward, darting toward the small frog like thing, wings beating furiously to avoid the other creature’s whipping tentacle vines. The beautiful winged beast stayed just out of reach of the vines. The creatures fought in near silence. The girl, watching the contest, held her breath, willing her own creature to victory.

Just when it looked like the butterfly might win,

Jamie’s parents called for her to put away her game and wash up for dinner.


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