Of the over three hundred people in my high school graduating class, only twenty-four of us are heading to more education. All the rest? They’re planning on staying in our town, or close to it, and working in the factories and the other manual labor areas.

The government has pleaded with us, all of us, to go earn higher degrees, to learn how to do the delicate, skilled, intellectual work that’s out there. But most of my classmates have no desire to do that.

It’s not that they aren’t smart. A great many of them are quite intelligent. They just don’t want to put in the time. See, to get one of those degreed jobs, you have to spend another four, six or eight years in an educational environment. But it takes no extra class time to jump feet first into an unskilled industrial job.

And with the way the government has changed the laws, like making it illegal to have kids unless you pay the exorbitant fees charged for the license, or making it impossible to vote unless you can prove you’re a contributing member of society, either with children or monetary contributions, and making it impossible to gain access to healthcare without a sponsor who’s been paid a fee, it’s no wonder no one wants to prolong the beginning of adult life.

Even with all the laws in place that keep people in lower echelon jobs, the government and the big businesses are crying about not having enough good, skilled employees to run their technology and keep their systems rolling. But none of the lawmakers want to change anything. They’re afraid, now, after that one President, the one the history books try to write away…

He made promise after promise, with no intention of keeping a single one. He just wanted the power, the opportunity to gloat at how he could lie his way to the top. The man kept pushing and pushing, making more and more outrageous demands, just to see where he could take it. If someone would stop him. If someone would stand up and speak out about his plans.

But no one did.

Not until it was too late. Not until after the laws were made and enforced. Even now, the voices clamoring for change are small and quiet. We’re here, though, working to make the change, no matter how long it takes, no matter how much suffering and sacrifice, we will make the world a better place, a place like it used to be.

Long live the revolution…


(****this is a work of fiction and as such, bears no reflection on my current political views, and should in no way be misconstrued as a missive for or against any current candidate for political office****)


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