Swamp things

The overpowering stench of swamp, decaying vegetation and stagnant water, flooded the room when the door flew open. Georgia gagged, her hand flying to her face. Her breath became ragged with her efforts to get air without retching.

The blackness outside the brightly lit room was oppressive, nearly as much as the dripping, groping wetness. The blonde beauty, on her knees, crept closer to the opening in the neon yellow wall. She glanced behind her as she moved, wondering again how she’d come to be in the bare, glaring room.

Almost to the portal of escape, Georgia scanned the smooth floor in front of her, hoping she could get outside without trouble. In horror, she watched greenish black moss and mold creep across the brilliant yellow of the floor, moving steadily toward her.

The sight of the building, piling, moving vegetation sent Georgia scrambling backward, her feet pushing her helter-skelter for the far wall.  The petite girl’s bare feet slapped hard on the cold floor. She kept her hands firmly clapped to her face, breathing through her fingers. The lights began flickering, pulsing to some unheard beat.

Gurgling screams erupted from between the slender fingers covering Georgia’s mouth. The screams turned to violent, full-body hiccups as she gulped air and gagged again.

The lights failed before Georgia reached the far wall. But her world didn’t plunge into total darkness. Pale green and blue lights emerged from among the hills and ridges of piled up vegetation. The twinkling lights were almost beautiful, causing the girl to stop her backward momentum. She leaned forward, mesmerized by the sparkling fairy-like lights.

When the lights began moving closer, Georgia jerked backward again, trying to flee to the imagined safety of the wall behind her. In less than three feet, the hard coldness of the alien material slammed into the young woman’s back, halting her progress.

The tiny twinkling stars coursed toward Georgia’s delicate feet, sliding over her limbs, engulfing her in blue and green fairy lights. The glow blinded her eyes, but not before she saw the swirling, pearlescent mist sweep through the open doorway, swiftly moving for her prone, paralyzed body.


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