The thing outside the window

The figure outside the window is so funny looking. His head is perfectly round and bald. He has no features, that I can tell. He bobbles like a balloon held in a joyful child’s clutch.

His body is long and gaunt. His legs are stork thin and miles high. His arms are sticks, like a first-snow snowman, all akimbo in his perplexity.

I see him, from over the top of my computer screen, bobbing his way to-and-fro and fro-and-to, going and coming from who knows where.

I try to ignore his waving arms and his ducking and weaving head, but when I look away, he bounces from left to right, right to left, grabbing my attention again.

I reach down to pet the snow-white, sparkly creature beside me. Her single silvery horn nods at my unspoken question, her rainbow hair swinging along. She sees the bobble boy, too. But then, a unicorn would.


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