The Traveller

When the first happened, I thought it was just my  pre-teen imagination, fueled by one too many late night horror flicks, watched in secret while my parents slept peacefully unaware.

The second, and then the third, were frightening, but only at first. They flickered and phased in and out of sight, so I conveniently let them slip from my mind’s grasp.

The next few, when I was just entering adulthood, weren’t so easily forgotten, mostly because they were closer to me in life: my parents and my baby sister.

I haven’t counted lately, but I’m pretty sure I’m up to ten, now. Ten ghosts following me everywhere I go. The first three, those are just barely flickering along. But they’re still there. My parents and MaeLynn, they’re a little less visible than when they began following me, when they were killed in the plane crash.

It seems the newer the ghost, and the closer to me in life, the more substantial the otherworldly follower. I think, or maybe hope, that there’s a limit, too. I don’t know how I’d stand it if I had more than a dozen or so ghosts trailing behind.

Unfortunately, I don’t know why they’re all with me. I don’t know the first three ghosts, or the latest. I’d never met them in life. So why are they following me? I mean, my family I can understand. Even the one guy from my high school class, I can sort of get. But total strangers?

Why do they follow? Why me? How long will they be with me? Who were they? How many ghosts can I have in my entourage at one time? How do I help them move on? Do they want to move on?

I have so many questions and absolutely no one to answer any of them. I am Samantha Spectre. I am the Traveller.



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