Morning in the castle

The crystalline chiming from above her halo of golden hair woke the girl from her dreamless slumber. Bleary-eyed, she blinked at the rainbow of color swarming around her ivory canopied bed. Sunlight beamed through the leaded glass arched windows high above.

The golden girl slipped from between the warm sheets to stand on the plush jade carpet. Her toes wiggled in contentment in the deep cushiony softness of the dense pile rug. The air in the whitewashed stone room was chilly, the crackling fire in the person-tall fireplace doing nothing to ease the cold that crept into the ancient block walls of the fortress.

Once again, the child heard clearly the cheerful bells above her head. She looked up, stretching her long neck until it ached, trying to find the source of the playful music.

Cavorting in the rays of sunlight were tiny beings, with wings of rainbow sheer and dresses of rich jeweled color; amethyst, emerald, sapphire, ruby and gold. Every beat of the minuscule wings sent waves of laughing music through the sun-kissed room.

The girl tried to count the dancers, but not one of them stayed still long enough. Every accounting was different from the one before. With the way the colorful things zipped around, the yellow-haired child couldn’t even tell if they were all female, although she assumed they were. She’d never heard of boy fairies, after all.



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