…because I’m not… (a political piece)

I despise politics, but hate, racism, and misogyny are even worse, especially when espoused and encouraged by people in positions of power. The following piece is political, intended to make the reader think, listen, and discuss. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

So, all Muslims have to register. So what? It doesn’t affect me, I’m not Muslim. In fact, it will let us see who is listening to extremism, so we know who to watch, just so we don’t get blown to bits.

Well, we have all Muslims registered, but since I don’t carry the registry around with me, it’s still hard to tell who might be planning something. So how about we make them wear a symbol, or mark them permanently somehow, so it’s easy for me to see who to watch. It’s all fine, because it doesn’t affect me, I’m not Muslim.

Hmm, although that seems to work pretty well, I’m still worried. The clearly marked Muslims are everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were put all together, in just a few well-defined areas, so they can all live and work together? That way, we can keep an eye on them much better. It’s a good idea, because it doesn’t affect me. I’m not Muslim.

Oh, well, now that we’ve gotten all the Muslims moved to their own areas, we’re missing workers in the areas they left. But we can’t let them mingle with the regular workers, they might spread their religious messages. How about we build special work areas for them, away from everyone else, so they can work on only what we want them to work on, and we can still keep an easy eye on them? But, it costs too much to bus entire groups to a different location every single day. Why not just build barracks for the Muslim workers at their new job sites? Yes, that will work. And it doesn’t affect me, because I’m not Muslim.

Workers eat so much, and this is costing the government a pretty penny. I don’t want my taxes going up just to feed those Muslims who want to blow me to bits. So, lets keep them on a strict nutritional regimen, regardless of what their religion tells them to eat. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m not Muslim, so I’ll be fine.

Oh, a lot of workers are sick in the Muslim work camps. I suppose we’ll have to supplement with Hindu workers. Or Catholics. Or LGBTQ. But we’ll leave the Jews alone. They’ve been through this before.

And besides, it doesn’t affect me, I’m not…


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