No flash for you!

Today, I’m not posting a flash piece. Instead, I’m going to tell a little bit about why my blog is suffering from repeated non-posting.

I have fibromyalgia. Usually, it’s alright. I have aches and pains, twitches and spasms, and brain fog when I get tired. But right now, I’m having a flare. Flares cause me to have extreme pain, muscle weakness, increased twitches and spasms, and major brain fog.

This flare started on Easter weekend. I had three days of running non-stop, which included shopping, swimming and a TON of walking.

Flares sometimes only last for a few days, but sometimes, a flare can last for months at a time. I’m hoping that this one won’t last multiple months. Although, it might, since I keep doing a lot of the things I shouldn’t that prolong flares.

Like going to the Renaissance Festival for my birthday. Or going to extra swim practices for my youngest. Or doing all the laundry, cleaning and yard work that hasn’t really gotten done since my flare started.

In short, although it could’ve been shorter, I’m flaring so I’m not writing nearly as much.

I’ll get back to more writing as soon as I can clear some fog.


5 thoughts on “No flash for you!

  1. It’s great to hear from you even if it’s not with a flash fiction piece. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering. It sounds like you recently had a birthday, so belated happy birthday. It made me smile that you’re still doing things that sound fun. I just wish it didn’t have to be at the cost of prolonging your flare. I hope you recover from this flare soon, and have a long break before another one comes around.

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    1. Thanks, Mandie. Yes, I turned 40 on May 7th. I’m slowly recovering from this flare, mostly because my husband is making me! He won’t let me do much of anything. Instead, he does what he can and calls the bigger kids for help when he can’t. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my old self soon and I’ll post more fun flash pieces.

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      1. That’s funny. Your birthday was on Sunday, and mine is this Saturday. I’m glad to hear you’re being cared for by your family and that they’re keeping you from pushing yourself too much. And it’s just a bit early, but Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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