I’m Anita. I’m a mom, a wife, and a dabbler. I dabble in art, writing, crafting, and various other things.

My husband is a writer, a computer engineer, husband, and dad. He’s also a dabbler. He’s dabbled in music, philosophy, and physics.

My household is busy, full of kids and pets, and it is mostly happy. Mostly, because I have teenagers. Three of them. I also have an eight-year-old, who doesn’t drive me nearly as bonkers.

I’ve written one novel, a couple of short stories, and a collection of micro-fiction. I’m currently writing a couple of books, this blog, and another, which is my personal blog full of my life challenges and other mundane stuff.

Now, for some legal type stuffs:
All the content on this site is mine, from inside the wild and weird confines of my mind, and it should be considered copyrighted and should not be copied or presented as someone else’s. It should also not be quoted or used in any way without proper credit to me as the author. All stories, while possibly inspired by people and situations in my life, are not based on actual people or situations.



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