Hello…from the inside

Hiya! My name’s Anita. I like to write. Well, mostly I have all sorts of things clamoring around inside my head and they want out. So, I let them. I write. I paint. I knit. I do all sorts of things, mostly for enjoyment. Sometimes because life just insists.

I started this blog because some people, not just the ones in my head, like to read the crazy, twisted, and awesome things I write. To keep those people, real and imaginary, happy, I decided to make a place for my flash fiction.

I have a book, e-published on Amazon, and have plans for many others. But sometimes I have to stop working on my books, drop my other projects, and give a voice to some little piece that won’t let me work on anything else.

Be warned, while most of my writing isn’t too horrible, it’s probably not suitable for children. Or the easily offended.

So, if you’re still willing to read my flashes, twisted though they may be, enjoy all I have to offer.